July Blooms; October Seeds

In July and August, my walks in Eliza Howell Park center around the field of prairie wildflowers, where I enjoy the countless colorful blooms and watch the butterflies and other insects the flowers attract.

In late October, blooming season is over, even for goldenrods and asters. I still stop here, though less frequently. The flowers, gone to seed, are mostly still standing tall and are visited now by several species of seed-eating migrating sparrows.

I recently took pictures of October seeds to compare with July blooms.

1.Culver’s Root

(The wasp is a Great Golden Digger Wasp.)


3.Common Mullein

4.Joe Pye Weed

(A Monarch butterfly)

5.Queen Anne’s Lace

6.Purple Coneflower

(The butterfly is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and the egg case, at the bottom of the October picture, was placed by a Chinese Praying Mantis.)

At this time of the year, I often think of the opening line of Pete Seeger’s powerful lyrics from some 60 years ago:

“Where have all the flowers gone?”

In nature’s version, “they have gone to seed, everyone.” The cycle continues and the flowers will return.

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