Butterflies of Eliza Howell Park: A Review of 2021

The butterfly season is over for 2021 here in Detroit and a snowy November day seems like a good time to review this year’s observations.

I recorded 34 different butterfly species in the park this year, not including a number of small skippers that I did not identify in terms of specific species. As I review the year, however, I find myself thinking not about the number of species as much as about the many enjoyable hours spent watching them.

Perhaps the best way to report on 2021 Eliza Howell butterflies and to share the enjoyment they provided is to post a sample of the many photos I have from 2021.

Mourning Cloak

Clouded Sulphur

Tawny Emperor

Common Wood-Nymph

Great Spangled Frittilary

Pearl Crescent

Red-spotted Purple

Red Admiral

Sliver-spotted Skipper

American Lady

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


I continue to be impressed by the diversity in this urban park and by the relative ease of seeing it up close (these pictures were all taken with a cell phone camera).

I like this time of the year, as fall moves into winter, but reviewing 2021 butterflies puts me in the mood to start planning 2022 nature walks.

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