Frost on Flowers Gone to Seed

It was frosty when I started my walk today in Eliza Howell Park. Many of the wildflowers I have been observing during the summer and fall are still standing strong, topped with seeds rather than blooms, and today touched with frost.

Here are five pictures from this morning, each matched with a picture of the species in bloom earlier in the year.

Stagehorn Sumac: November 24 and July 19.

Ironweed: November 24 and July 18.

Queen Anne’s Lace: November 24 and August 19.

Rose: November 24 and July 7.

Culver’s Root: November 24 and July 22.

One cannot expect wildflowers to be as attractive in late fall as they are in their summer bloom but, with the frost visit today, these flowers-in-seed certainly have a beauty worth noting.

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