Butterflies on Purple Coneflowers: A Photo Report

This has been a great summer for butterflies in Detroit’s Eliza Howell Park.

Since nectaring butterflies frequent Purple Coneflowers, for about three weeks starting on July 20 this summer, my butterfly watching regularly included a stop at a coneflower clump or two. With the flowers at the top of the plants, some three feet high, the coneflowers provide an excellent opportunity for picture taking.

Resized_20200831_212643American Lady (July 20)

20200731_124928Monarch (July 23)

20200724_142352Giant Swallowtail  (July 24)

Resized_20200727_125009Painted Lady (July 27)

20200731_112938Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (July 28)

Resized_20200831_213504Viceroy (July 31)

20200831_213614Black Swallowtail (July 31)

Resized_20200831_213921Red Admiral (August 5)

20200807_141039Clouded Sulphur (August 7)

20200831_214325Pearl Crescent  (August 8)

The coneflowers have now gone to seed. But they will bloom again next July and  the butterflies will be back. I am also planning to be there.

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