July Butterflies: Photos

July 2020 has been a great month for butterflies in Eliza Howell Park in Detroit. I returned many times to see which butterflies were present and to try to get some photos.

Here are photos of 10 species I watched this month, camera in hand.

20200731_112623Black Swallowtail

Resized_20200720_180214Silver-spotted Skipper

20200731_101038Giant Swallowtail

20200720_175730Common Wood-Nymph

Resized_20200731_124716E. Tiger Swallowtail

20200721_162531Common Buckeye

Resized_20200727_125009Painted Lady



20200705_120545Clouded Sulphur

Nature walks don’t get much better than they were this month.

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