July Wildflowers: Now Showing

July and August are the best months for enjoying the showy meadow wildflowers in Eliza Howell Park.

Here are some that are calling to me these first days of July.

Resized_20200702_144433St. John’s Wort

Resized_20200701_173313Wild Bergamot

Resized_20200702_215328Black-eyed Susan

Resized_20200702_143618Butterfly Weed

Resized_20200702_143538Hoary Vervain


Resized_20200703_131653Chicory (in shade and in sun)

Resized_20200703_133224False Sunflower

There are others blooming now, as well, and a good number of additional ones will flower as summer continues.

It is time to walk among the flowers!

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