Spring Violets: Purple, White, Yellow

In song lyrics, movie and novel titles, “violets are blue.” But the violets that will be blooming soon in Eliza Howell Park come in a variety of – and in a combination of – colors.

The plants have emerged, most easily found near the river. They are low, with heart-shaped leaves, and promise multiple blooms in 2 to 3 weeks.


There are several different species of wild violets that grow in Michigan and they also hybridize. This means that each year brings the possibility of some new variation.

The varieties I most commonly see are the ones in the these photos.



Resized_20190424_150808Resized_20190424_15084120200412_093739Violets bloom early. The above pictures were all taken in Eliza Howell in late April and early May.

These are the flowers I am eagerly anticipating when I look at the emerging plants!


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